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We think that food should not only taste good, but make you Feel Good, too.

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  • these olympics have been off the pyeongchang + so has the journey to our new north scottsdale shop! we're two weeks away, but still accepting applications for our all-star team. 🥇 apply online at originalchopshop.com/careers! #joinourteam
  • when you can't choose just one, you get one for me, myself and I. hashtag self care, hashtag #feelgoodfood 😉
  • when a serious hump day triggers junk food cravings, we swipe right on these guys instead. our superfruit bowls knock out the crunch you've been low-key craving all day with granola instead👊plus fiber to keep you feeling full. which junk food are you kicking to the curb today? 👋😎
  • anyone else hit snooze about 4x this morning (or, basically every day, tbh)? pro tip 〰 if a cup doesn't do the trick, add cold brew to your muscle malt shake for extra AM buzz + stabilized energy. 💪
  • a cliché avocado toast shot, but hey, old habits die hard. our rise + shine monday antidote = grilled 12 grain ciabatta, plenty of smashed avo, red pepper flakes, a pinch of garlic salt + one egg over easy. 🥑🍞how do you eat yours? all hands on deck or 🍴?
  • making it to the weekend should be an olympic sport, because we have the gold to show for it... just sayin! 🏅#PyeongChang2018
  • ☝️congrats are in order to our tempe takeover sweepstakes grand prize winner, asu freshman Ashley Valley! we're taking care of your spring semester meal plan with this fully-loaded gift card 😱 keep an eye out for the details in your inbox, winners!
  • hey, hot stuff! happy love-day. tag your best bud, bae or special someone by any other name + remind them that an #upbeet day ahead is just a sip away 😉💝
  • did you know vday takes place smack dab in the middle of random acts of kindness week? tag your valentine, galentine or yourself + make a feel good date happen this week! we're all in this together and don't forget it 😉